Project description
Finnovate, a Toronto-based technology company, assigned a game UI/UX design project to improve the user experience of their gaming platform. The objective was to create an engaging and intuitive interface that would enhance the overall gaming experience for their users.

Project | Bio Arcade Mobile Game

Duration | 1 week

Tool | Figma, Adobe Illustrator

Responsible for | User Interface Design, Media Kit
In the aftermath of a devastating microbe outbreak that decimated an entire region, scientists have managed to recover fragments of DNA genetic code that are crucial for the potential repopulation of life forms.

The player's task is to complete the partial strands of DNA to identify viable life forms that can be regenerated. Time is of the essence as the DNA strands are prone to degradation.

However, exercise caution as there is a possibility that the deadly microbe responsible for the outbreak may be present within the recovered samples. If detected, it is imperative to take immediate measures to prevent its spread and ensure containment.
App Icon
UI Kit
User flow
Suggested UI and colour combination
Project Phase 2
Project Phase 3
Final Initial UI Design
The game is available for download on App Store. 
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