Published Marketing Documents

During my tenure at Doxim, I collaborated closely with our team of content writers to create a diverse array of marketing materials. This encompassed the development of brochures, playbooks, case studies, and one-pagers, all meticulously crafted to effectively promote the company's products and services. In the dynamic and fast-paced work environment we operated in, I assumed a pivotal role in ensuring a streamlined process.

Before delving into the design phase, I immersed myself in the content, meticulously aligning the visual elements with the written material to establish a robust connection between visuals and content. Furthermore, I custom-revamped all assigned and provided infographics to maintain alignment with the company's brand identity.

When the pandemic outbreak occurred, our company made a strategic commitment to adhere to Accessibility AA standards, recognizing its status as an essential service provider. This decision expanded my responsibilities to include the production of documents compliant with these accessibility guidelines. I wholeheartedly dedicated myself to mastering the AODA and WCAG standards, refining practical skills such as assessing compatibility with audio readers, furnishing images with meaningful alt text, and providing comprehensive explanations for infographics. In a remarkably brief period, I evolved into an authority on document accessibility, ensuring that reading orders and content tags met accessibility standards, all while upholding the visual appeal and brand consistency of our documents.
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